Who We Are:

The Fashion Jungle was born from a Personal Shopper with fashion-conscious global travelers in mind.

It is a fashion application for both Apple and Android shoppers, that showcases retail stores throughout New York City. As well as offering fashion tips and services, such as personal shopping excursions and fashion consultations.

Our Features:

• Store Details
Any store featured on The Fashion Jungle, has the opportunity to highlight the brands and products that they sell. As well as the basic information such as, location, contact information and store hours.

• Personal Shopper
App users have the opportunity and privilege to hire a personal shopping consultation.

• Fashion Live Chat
This is for those “I have nothing to wear moments” when one can always use a few style tips.

• Shopping Tours
Scheduled tours that allow shoppers to navigate through the city’s best shopping areas.

• Size and Currency Converter
To help tourist in converting their currency to $USD. Includes a currency exchange map to help locate currency exchange locations.

• Fashion Community Connect with our fashion lovers!

Market size

New York City is one of the most visited cities within the United States, it is regarded as the premier fashion capital of the world. The Fashion Jungle is a tool that will facilitate the connection between fashion conscious travelers and local shop owners. The Fashion Jungle brings local shop owners and artisans within New York City to the forefront of shopper’s minds. Below you’ll find some numbers showcasing the viability of tourism and shopping:

• Total visitor spending from New York City tourism in 2015: $42.2 billion (Source: NYC Company)

• Total visitor in NYC 2015: 59.7 M – Domestic 45M – Internationals 12.7 M

73 % of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information to make their shopping experiences more relevant. (Source: Digital Trends,2015)

78% of consumers turn to review sites to find a local business. Source: Nielsen, 2014

Regular Account:

Premium Account:

Regular Account Benefits:

Retail locations that are listed within The Fashion Jungle are already subscribed to our free regular account. What this includes are details about the location, items that can typically be found through a Google search such as:

• Business name, address and information (store hours)

• One window picture (typically the store front)

• Features, like the brands and products sold.

Premium Account Benefits:

Retail stores that sign up for a Premium account
engage with Fashion users:

• Special offers, promotions and sales: These mentions attract Fashion Jungle users.

• Products highlights, inside and outside pictures of the store, update and exclusive information draw users to your store.

• Keywords help clients narrow down their search be something in particular.

• Shopping tours: your store will be a premier spot on our featured tours

Contact Us:

Business address: 733 3rd Ave, New York 10017 Phone number: +1 (646)-642-4043

For Premium Account Inquires: store.premium@thefashionjungle.com

Business Inquiries: support@thefashionjungle.com